About Me

Do you sneak out to McDonald’s and secretly binge eat your burger in the car just to scratch the brain itch that won’t go away?

Do you desperately want to stop overeating but end up feeling out of control because somehow your hands won’t stop reaching into the box of cookies until they’re all finished?

Do you keep eating, feel worse, eat again to feel good until it’s 1:00 a.m. and you are too full of shame and too much food?

Do you just want to stop obsessing over food and enjoy it like a normal person?

I hear you!

Hi, I’m Sai.

I firmly believe that you can bake your own cookie and eat it too.

I don’t mean in a guilty out of control sort of way but in a liberating way where you feel awesome while eating the cookie, after eating it and forever and ever after.

I have to admit that this wasn’t always the case for me.

I was seven or eight when I first realized I was different from all the other girls. I’d always had a big tummy and even though I wasn’t fat, some boys in school teased me one day for looking like a baby elephant.

I still remember standing still in the middle of the playground in my white sports uniform, suddenly realizing how my shorts never fit quite right and comparing myself to all the other normal thin girls. I vowed to myself in that moment, that one day I’d have perfectly flat abs too.

This seed that had been planted in my childhood mind would continue to grow, though it never really did takeover my life until many years later.

All through high school and university, I was focused on learning and growing my skills. I was a straight-A student and school captain, I left home at 17 to study abroad on a full-scholarship and I bagged my dream six-figure job right out of college.

Though I was ecstatic with all of these achievements, my life somehow never seemed complete unless I was trying something new to get my perfect abs (especially since by now it clearly wasn’t baby fat anymore!).

I’m sure you can guess by now how the story turned out – fixations don’t really help, do they?

Food was my drug of choice. 

Fast forward a few years into work, I wasn’t happy. I knew that I could do so much more to achieve my full potential, that my life was meant to have a greater purpose and that I wanted to live life on my own terms.  But I felt stuck and couldn’t figure out what I could possibly do achieve my dreams.

I turned to food to  cope with what seemed like an endless void.

I ate – I ate to feel better, I ate to feel comforted, I ate so much that I couldn’t even feel my feelings anymore and I ate until the guilt of overeating was stronger than the depression of an identity crisis.

Food made me forget, it was my drug of choice – I gained weight of course, went up a few clothes sizes and this pushed me even further into a hole – not only was I stuck in life, but now I was going the opposite way in the only other thing that mattered to me – my weight and body!

Even though I knew that I was sabotaging myself, I just couldn’t find the motivation or will power to make a change.

The life-changing moment of mindlessly eating chips at 12:00 a.m. 

There was one night where I had eaten all that I could but still couldn’t go to sleep. It was midnight and I desperately wanted to eat chips – I couldn’t get them out of my head no matter what I tried, it was almost like they had a magical hold on me.

So against my rational wishes, my body seemingly all by itself walked to the supermarket, bought a pack of crisps (the extra large sour cream and onion ones), came home, sat quietly and finished it.

I had become just a spectator in my own body, looking down and watching myself eat manically. I was too numb to even feel guilty. More than out of control, for the first time I felt defeated and lost. I could see no way out.

Something changed that night and I realized that I was solely responsible for destroying my confidence inside out, that I was not the victim but the instigator.

That day, I finally decided to stand up and take charge of my life again.

Living Intuitively – how I do it and you can too!

Today I eat and live intuitively – I’m pursuing my passions, I can have a pack of chips in my cupboard and don’t even remember it and I feel relaxed, happy and nourished around food.

I want to assure you that you too can feel this way.

Today is the day you stop saying that “it’s been this way as long as I can remember” and try a new approach to live a life you’ve always dreamed of.

Even if nothing else has worked for you before, even if you’re struggling with holy grail systems like intuitive eating, you can transition to enjoying food without obsessing over it and without overeating.

You deserve to have that life where you’re not held back by your food or body anymore, where you can set the right example for your kids and where you can live a life that is relaxed, attuned and happy.

If you’re ready start making a change, I invite to sign up for my free masterclass on “how to live a binge-free life”.

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