So many of you have told me how you want to stop abusing food, stop beating yourself up over overeating episodes and have had enough with the guilt and angst of living this way for years. If you think about it, it’s not just the physical act of overeating that causes this. The frustration and despair come from: The disappointment of letting yourself down yet again The inability to control your actions which you believe Read More
Our emotions are incredibly powerful – they are so innate and instinctual, reactions to our environment and thoughts that we’ve developed as self-preservation mechanisms right from our caveman days. They told us to run in the presence of wild animals, to find food when we experience hunger and to chase dreams to find happiness. Our emotions are and have always been signals into our life that can help us if we interpret them correctly. Unfortunately, Read More
If binge or stress eating was something you developed later in life, I can pretty much assure you that it was an attempt to divert your mind from some sort of stress. When I say stress, I don’t just mean a long week at work or feeling tired. I mean stress in a deeper way which shakes up your mind and makes you feel terrible deep within. If you allow yourself to feel that is. Read More
Personality traits of high achievers that serve us so well in school or at work are the very same traits that make quitting unhealthy habits so difficult.   As a high achiever or perfectionist, quitting emotional or binge eating might be more difficult for you. However, you also have inherent superpowers can actually help you if used the right way! To understand why, we need to dig a little deeper into what makes you a Read More
So much of anti-diet movements focus on what not to do – don’t be in a diet mindset, don’t restrict food, don’t hate your body. It’s all very well to tell a person what NOT to do but telling someone WHAT TO DO is a far more helpful strategy. This kind of “avoiding negative” thinking means that as an overeater, you know what you don’t want. But you have no idea where you want to Read More