Do you sometimes feel like you have these weird lingering habits, almost animal instinct-like compulsions that take over even though you may otherwise be eating quite healthy? Good news – there is nothing wrong with you! Nada! You’re not out of control. You’re just experiencing first-hand what a well-oiled evolutionary machine that we humans are. The Habit Loop This entire compulsive eating cycle is giving you something positive, making you feel good in some way, Read More
In this earlier post, we talked about the importance of ditching the diet and developing a health-first mindset. It’s not easy though because we are always worried about gaining weight. I hear you. And I’ve been there years ago – so I am not going to preach to you about how you need to get out of this mentality right now. I urge you to start making simple tweaks though, a little change here and Read More
As an emotional or binge eater, you always wish you could distract yourself for long enough to not eat the cake or cookie, don’t you? But nothing seems to work. The most common complaint is that “It’s too hard to make tea or distract myself, I’d rather just eat the cake – at least I know for sure that it will help me feel better.” You’re absolutely right of course! Willpower, unlike what we are Read More
Our biggest desire is to have the perfect life where we eat just right, never binge and stay at a happy comfortable weight. Paradoxically, the more we try to control our weight, the harder it gets to feel relaxed around food. We keep thinking about food all the time until we get so obsessed that having mental peace from food thoughts becomes as important as losing weight. This is what being stuck between a rock Read More