Switch Out Of The Diet-Mindset With One Simple Principle – Add, Don’t Subtract

In this earlier post, we talked about the importance of ditching the diet and developing a health-first mindset. It’s not easy though because we are always worried about gaining weight.

I hear you. And I’ve been there years ago – so I am not going to preach to you about how you need to get out of this mentality right now.

I urge you to start making simple tweaks though, a little change here and there so you can slowly make the switch. Eventually, we all dream of a life without diets right? So why not start now?

These three principles can help you get out of the diet mindset in a slow and comfortable way

1. ADD to your diet and your life instead of SUBTRACTING.

Dieting is all about what we CANNOT eat – cut out sugar, don’t eat dairy, chocolate is bad for you and so on.

We are always subtracting foods, taking away happy experiences and trying to fit our lives into the confines of a dieting black box.

Switch your mindset to think about ADDING to food and your life instead.

Add previously restricted foods like chocolate, cookies, crisps and pizzas back into your diet.

Add experiences you’ve missed out on like cocktails at this new haute bar or baking a brownie at home back into your life.

While you do this, remember not to subtract anything – just because you are eating pizza doesn’t mean you can’t have the wine. Remember, there are no calories or macros being counted here – eat until you feel satisfied.

2. LET GO & RELAX instead of STRESSING OUT & CONTROLLING your food.

So much of dieting is about CONTROL – let’s calorie count, macros are so important, use points to track yourself, etc. Not just self-control (as if we are not capable of listening to our hunger cues) but controlling our food intake based on external measures like calories or points. When we can’t stick to our limits, we then get stressed.

It’s a vicious cycle that only leads to more restriction the next day.

Instead, switch your mindset to just let go and relax around food. Stop counting, measuring (yes even subconsciously! We know you are very good at it!) or caring too much about how much you are eating.

Just do this for a day as an experiment.

Relax into your food – imagine being on a beach side holiday in Spain eating some tapas and sipping wine. How would you eat? How would you feel? Try to replicate the ease and stress-free atmosphere into your eating.

Once you feel comfortable doing this for all meals in a day, try to replicate it the second day and the third.
Don’t worry about having to do it every day – just practice for as long as you are comfortable.

3. SIMPLIFY your life.

Dieting is so complicated no? Count calories, break it down into macros, make sure you get grass-fed pasture-raised meat and oh – weigh yourself of course!

Change your mindset to SIMPLIFY life instead.

Counting calories and weighing food – complicated. Ditch it.
Listening to your body for hunger – simple. Keep it.

Weighing yourself at the same time every morning – annoying. Ditch it.
Just waking up and going about your day – simple. Keep it.

Making sure you cook the perfectly balanced meal each time – hard. Ditch it.
Doing your best and eating mostly healthy and what your body feels like – easy. Keep it.

Wondering why you’re hungry even though you’ve eaten your macros for the day, then trying to control yourself but end up in a binge? Exhausting. Ditch it.
Just simply honoring your hunger cues and eating instead? Easy. Keep it.

So add to your life, let go, relax and simplify – these are your secret mantras to give dieting a wallop in the backside without even trying too hard.

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