What A Life Free From Overeating & Food Obsession Actually Looks Like

So much of anti-diet movements focus on what not to do – don’t be in a diet mindset, don’t restrict food, don’t hate your body. It’s all very well to tell a person what NOT to do but telling someone WHAT TO DO is a far more helpful strategy.

This kind of “avoiding negative” thinking means that as an overeater, you know what you don’t want. But you have no idea where you want to get to, what not overeating actually means and how it feels.

It’s like asking someone to drive without telling them what the destination is. A GPS that tells you to drive away from your home is not very helpful, is it? How do we know if we are driving in the correct direction or if we are just going around in one big circle?

Today I want to show you what a healthy and happy life free from food obsessions actually looks like. I hope you can use this as your GPS and that it can inspire and motivate you during even the most vicious overeating cycles.

Below are excerpts from a number of different women all of whom have a naturally healthy relationship with food. I 100% agree with these statements – this is exactly how I feel and coming from a disordered food relationship, I can assure you that it’s very much possible to get and feel this way forever.

  • I’m not very intense about food anymore. I still eat candy and drink sodas sometimes. It’s not good for me but I enjoy eating it and I like it this way because it is stress free.
  • I just don’t obsess about the number on the scale any more. I just try to eat well, live healthy and go by the fit of my clothes.
  • I try to focus more on giving myself what I need than on how much I weigh. I do some sort of activity several times per week, I read and participate in creative hobbies frequently, I sleep in if I need it, I try not to stress about things I can’t control, etc. Just do your best and focus on what you’re good at/makes you happy!
  • I try my best to listen to my body eat what I want when I want. It’s important to learn what food has nutritious value and how to give yourself a balanced meal so that then you can move on without thinking of it too much. I no longer ever stress about my food!
  • Rule one is never feel guilty about your food, there shouldn’t be such a thing. If you eat a piece of cake enjoy it, relish it and just see it as a treat. Rule two for me is it needs to be a long-term change. You need to see it as a journey of learning about food and yourself and what works. It should never feel restrictive or like a punishment

When you have a healthy relationship with food, you feel relaxed around it. You realize that there is no perfect meal plan – sometimes you feed it for physical sustenance, and sometimes for emotional and either is fine.

You don’t judge yourself for eating one too many cupcakes or overeating grandma’s amazing apple pie. You are comfortable eating what you want, at whatever weight you are and it doesn’t even cross your mind to think about a diet.

When you have a healthy relationship with food, you don’t think much about it. It doesn’t affect who you are and what you do. You enjoy the process of eating, the company at meal times and picking your favorite restaurants on weekends.

You spend most of your time living life, being the best mom or wife, finally starting that side gig or going out on a date.

You feel attuned, relaxed and satisfied around food just like watching a beautiful sunset or sipping Sangria on the beach.

Mostly, you feel happy and at peace with yourself, content in who you are, where you are and what you are doing 😄

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